Day by Day

It is funny how each day goes by just as fast now as when I worked. What do I do all day? It seems like I haven’t done anything but it is time for Mike to call saying he is on his way. Mike, my husband, what would I do without him…. that is another story for another day.

I think that most of my day is now engrossed in what in the world is happening to me, where am I going, my life is so different now than just a few years ago.

I sleep no less than 10 hours a day and usually take at least one power nap, usually after reading too much, and then another nap for a few hours in the afternoon. Sounds like I am a senior now…. believe me this is not by choice, I would give anything to be working 12 hours a day instead of sleeping it.

In the last week my symptoms are changing…besides just having regular fibro and arthritis pain I am having ringing in my ears, every day, Mike says I am talking in my sleep, that can be bad….. the left side of my neck feels different, something going on there but I can’t explain it. The pain in my hands is getting almost unbearable at times, sometimes I just get a shooting pain in one finger, so freakin weird. And let’s not forget the jumping limbs are back, yay!!

3 thoughts on “Day by Day

  1. Hello. I am sorry that you are going through all of this. I DO know what you go through. Only I was a CNA. Was crossing the street to catch city bus to work, only once I stepped off the curb, then I was hit by a SUV. I remained standing and in shock. I never made it to work that night as I brought to a hospital that was not in my city even. I had contusions of the abdomen and concussion(Dr’s think when she hit me,that my brain went back and forth sideways). Sprained right ankle. I had always been strong and healthy, Rock climbing, running(was getting ready to run a 5K, sword fighting. The pain continued and continued, Even today I have a special cushion for my poor little tail bone. I have had many injections for pain in my back and none of them worked(have grown to hate shots now) and you would think I was a baby.
    I have had a few Dr’s tell me, oh this is just in your head. I have a 14 yr old daughter to take care of and refuse heavy duty pain meds. I just deal with the pain,I don’t want that medication in the house with teenagers and yes. I do trust her. She also needs her parents.
    The Dr did put me on depression meds to ease some of the sadness I tend to have sometimes.
    I was hit on 12/20/13 and yes, who wouldn’t be sad or depressed not being able to do what I used to do without a flare up. I wrote so much, sorry. I look forward to following more of your posts

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    • Wow, it was amazing that you lived through that. Crazy strong, someone unhealthy probably would have gone into coma. You are so strong and have a will to fight that is helping you with your daughter. If you need some pain meds just get a small locking box and put it somewhere she wouldn’t think of looking. Pain is a terrible thing. It messes you up in so many ways. I do take the pain meds and I am still in pain and have these crazy stabs every once in a while that last for a few minutes. I like was sitting in my recliner and it happened in my heal. Last for a few minutes and went away. I really think my nerves have been zapped so many times when the pain management doctor did the electrode therapy that now with the cyst pushing on my cerebellum I get electric shocks in different parts of my body. Freakin crazy stuff!!

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      • That is a great idea, Maybe even keeping them locked up in a lock box in the basement might be a possibilty (she thinks there is a ghost down there). I hate the pain, my therapist asked me to describe what the pain looks like in my eyes. I told her it was hard to describe. My fiance took me to the court house to drop off some papers and a car pulled out (they weren’t looking) and hit the front of our car. I ended up with a fibro flare up as the seatbelt tightened up and dug into my left hip (where I was struck by that car in 2013). So today I hurting all over, can only sit for a little while. Can only stand for a little while. oh and my name is annarose. SO if you ever want to chat. you can find me over on facebook ( our page is over there as well. Thank you so much for responding too.

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