Airplane Flights and Airports

I have a bunch of family in Virginia, and have both driven and flown many times. My flight was supposed to leave at 6 am. No I did not schedule this time, my flight was changed, and let me tell you that is way too early in the morning….We got up at 3:15, left the house at 4:10 and arrived at the airport at 5:15. Luckily for me I have the TSA check so I can go faster through security.

I walked at a descent pace to my terminal and within a couple of minutes we were boarding the plane. I notice one of the pilot crew guys looking around the gauges with a flashlight, great maintenance problem. So we get that fixed and now Atlanta wants us to wait, ugh, I have a one hour layover in Atlanta, ok should be fine. We are on the tarmac and the pilot comes across again, we are 4th in line but Atlanta wants us to wait until 7:00, what, that is 8:00 Atlanta time so now we are pushing it a bit. So we finally get started, lots of clouds so there is lots of turbulence. That hurts the neck, chairs are not comfortable either. I will make it.

So now I have to run to the train to get all the way from B10 to D5 at Atlanta airport, the first train is too full, have to wait on another one. My legs are both numb and my head is killing me. But wait, the cutest little boy is standing in front of his Dad, I say “get ready, we are about to go really fast, he looks up at me rolling his eyes, and the train takes off. I say hold on, now we are going to stop really fast, he looks up at me and makes me smile, made my morning.

So get up in the next plane from Atlanta to Virginia and it is a good flight, great attendants, pampering me, not sure why, maybe someone told them I needed some love, it helped me endure the pain the rest of the way. So glad I won’t have to drive for the next 2 weeks…..

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