Sensations of Arachnoiditis

I am sitting here in the recliner in the bedroom, eyes are closed, the recliner is out. One leg is stretched out, the other is bent at the knee. Left hand is resting on my left leg and right hand thumb is holding iPad on lap with rest of hand on leg.

First thing is that the curve of my neck has been straighten out with fusion hardware so my neck is straight to my head, without the natural curve. My head feels extremely heavy, almost like a weight is sitting on top of my neck.

As I sit here I have small jumping sensations all over my body, not hard jerks just small motions. Like you pick up a finger with the rest of them down, just a little, this happens in a finger, then a toe, my knee, my heel, just a small twinge.  Then I feel my neck tighten, I move it slowly, roll it from side to side, it cracks, then strong pain in nerve up the left side, I move it to other side and my neck cracks again, still pain in the left nerve. I try to straighten it up and it feel like it is hung up on right side between my shoulder and neck.  Have to make it stop by swishing my hair from left to right. Rub on it a little, moving my head, now a pain shoots down my back to my butt, lift my butt up and the tingling goes down my left arm through my fingers. I lift my butt again and have to crack my ankles, they are loud cracks. Now I am back to feeling numb everywhere and the pain moves to my head.

First it feels like a headband too tight around my head, in the front the pressure builds, then it moves through my eyes to my ears, pain like in my ear drums to the back of my head, where the neck and head meet each other. It starts as pressure and then builds to a terrible sharp pressing pain. I try to relax as my pain escalates from 4 to 8 in a split second. I just sit still, putting my fingers over my eye sockets, waiting for the pain to stop.  How long does this have to go on, I am thinking to myself, how much more do I have to take, then it slowly subsides.

I clench my toes and squeeze by fingers into the palm of my hands, such pain this brings, and then my left side becomes numb….I can’t focus my eyes, my whole body aches, each body part feels separated with its own level of pain. What can I do to make it stop….


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