Neurologist visit

Went to the Neurologist today, he voiced his opinion on Arachnoid Cyst, funny when you know what is going on and you get dismissed by a professional as “it isn’t causing any symptoms, it is nothing.”

So he prescribed me a medication to take at night that will help me to sleep, relax, keep headaches from happening…. will eventually replace Temazapam and will also possibly lower the dose of Cymbalta that I am taking. Does not sound possible but I will try anything.

The nurse asked me to remember 3 words and would ask me for them again at the end of the session, I laughed…. all I could think of was when I did this test with my Mother while she was being checked for Alzheimer’s. And yep, I couldn’t remember all of the words, it was funny for a second and than reality kicked in.  I looked at the nurse and told her I was an accountant for 35 years, not anymore. She told me I needed to find a new passion. My short-term memory is awful and I know that it is mostly medically induced, then pain plays its part. I hope I don’t get Alzheimer’s……

So it was a quick appointment, he had me walk the hall, turn around, checked my strength in legs and arms and had me touch my fingers to my nose.  The first time standing, the second time seated.  I hit my cheek while standing, my glasses while sitting down, he said good thing I had my glasses on or I would have poked myself in the eye, ugh….

So my PCP sent over my brain and lumbar MRI but not my Cervical so had to wait for that, Neurologist didn’t want anything to do with my brain MRI.  So he said everything looked good on Cervical hardware (C4-5-6-7) and since I had not had a Thoracic MRI he ordered it, see me back in 3 months, bye.

I did notice that the next appointment is with a different doctor.  Maybe in the long run the new one will be helpful. Believe in AA would be great.  Researching new doctor and medication will begin soon.

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