Some mornings I wake up and it feels like every bone in my body has been broken, I can hardly walk, see straight, cannot for the life of me keep my eyes open. Today 67, cloudy, high of 71, but the rain is on its way…..

You know when your parents, grandparents said “I can feel the weather changing, it is about to start raining”, you laughed it off, nope, they were correct. This is horrendous pain, everywhere. Well I have Osteoarthritis everywhere which is why it hurts so much.

The swelling is terrible also, my feet and hands, I can hardly open and close my hands because of the swelling. The space between my knuckles is as high as my knuckles. And my right hip feels like someone put a hot iron on it, another couple of days until I get a shot in it….

I manage to take my pills, get a cup of coffee and head towards the recliner and turn on the heating pad, my heater on my chair went out so I found a really big heating pad that covers the whole back of my recliner so I get almost full coverage of my back and neck.

Well I turned the lights on the fish tank, need to get up and feed my fish, salt water aquarium, I will share that in another post later.

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