I hate waiting, especially for results on tests…. had the MRI on my Thoracic yesterday, this was the first MRI done with contrast. The guy doing the MRI said it was ordered this way, will take about 20 minutes and he will stop about half way through to give me the contrast injection. So while I am laying there I am wondering what the difference is in the non contrasts vs contrast. My mind is reeling while I am trying to listen to music and not the machine roaring and then over the headphones the guy asks “what levels are the fusions in my neck?” I say 4-5-6-7, he says ok, back to music, a few more songs and I am rolling back out of the machine. He is standing by my right side, “ok let’s get this part done, I was looking at your outpatients reports, how old are you?”, I say 54, he says ok as he is trying to find a vein in my arm, he is having a hard time, “Where do they usually draw blood from?”, over here is better I tell him as I hold out my arm and he comes around to the other side. I tell him I have never had one done in contrast and he tells me that is shows more detail, you can see more of what is going on, if you have cancer. Damn it, he said the C word……. back in the machine, now all I can think about is that I might have a more serious problem….. we get done and he lowers the machine and puts his arm and hand out to help me out of the machine saying all done. He said he will get these over to prescribing doctor this week, I asked if he would send to my PCP also and he said he will see them since he is a CHI doctor. So now I am waiting for the results to come through on my app. But I do have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday for a shot in my bursa on the right side for my hip.

Update – nothing on my Thoracic, very strange since the rest of me is so screwed up….

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