Pain, can’t live with it, can’t live without it

Is there such a thing as level 15, what have I done to myself….. planted a few flowers, what a mistake and how in the world did I do this before, all the time, and not ever be in pain.

I keep getting these pains in my heel, like a stone bruise but much worse, and it won’t stop, more almost like a blunt instrument is being pushed into my heel and grinder around. And it won’t stop….

Then I start getting these headaches, they are from the front of my head going around the side, on the right?? Why are these pains on the right?? All of my pain and numbness has always been on my left and now it is going to the right side. Does that me I am going to have pain everywhere from now on, wtf….

These headaches are like a slide going from my forehead to the back of my head, then back to the front, over and over, harder and harder, they go on for like 3-4 minutes and then they stop on the temple, then they just sit there, on my temple, pressing harder, kind of like the blunt instrument on my foot.

I tried to find some Sandler’s today, all of my Sandler’s got mildew on them and were thrown away so looking for a pair of sandals, not flip flops. So I stop at Shoe Carnival, by one get one half off, if I can find two pair. Found a couple to try on, still walking around before I stop and try them on. So I have 3 pair, one of them is a regular sandal the other two are like the ones I have always worn, with the strap on the big toe, but also around the back since my walking is pretty shifty these days, just trying not to fall…. so I put one on and holy crap!! I get shocks of pain from my feet up my leg to my butt, damnit that hurts, I am having spasms of pain just putting on a pair of shoes?? Ok, well that one isn’t going to work, try another. The same damn thing!!! What in the world is going on, can I net buy a pair of sandals, really. I give up, I guess I can just wear my slippers or my tennis shoes, it is going to be a crappy summer, I can feel it already.

Pain levels are going to have to change. My new normal is about a 7 so I think the scale is going to have to go to at least 12, maybe even 15.

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