I am a dog person, one of those people who has always had a dog, or at least one dog, except for, which is really weird, when I was divorced…. that doesn’t make any sense but true.

All of my life I have had at least one, started with Princess, a miniature schnauzer, she was the family dog and lived like forever, I think, but don’t catch me exaggerating, that she lived to be 17 or so. Could have been older than that, she was old, that much I do know. My mom started an attachment to bigger dogs when she started working for a local doctor who raised bouviers de Flanders, they were big and furry dogs, but they didn’t live long, one of them was bitten by a snake and never really healed up and while she was trying to nurse her back to health the other died of a stroke, so she lost them back to back. Mom was real big in the kennel club dog drill team, damn that took me through a lot of words before I could remember drill team….. anyway she loved doing this, prancing around with a very well behaved, expensive as hell, Doberman named Bibchen, who was later replaced with Bliss. Now Bliss was THE DOG. She was the poster dog for the nursing home circuit. She was the beginning of going to the nursing homes and being this beautiful big ass dog who did everything on command, in German of course, and I am not sure who was the prouder of the two, Mom or the dog, they trained each other well. She went to dog shows all over the southern region with Mom. They loved it!!

As I get older and am having a hard time remembering things, I do remember the hard ones. I had to take Mom to the vet when it was time to put Bliss to sleep. I think this was the worst time of my Mom’s long life, it was awful, to say the least. We had her at the vet, I can’t remember what happened but she got sick and the vet could not help her, she was up there in years and the vet said it was time, she was a big dobby and she was not going to get better, so we finally decided it was time and I went with Mom, they had her in a kennel in the downstairs (basement) at the vets office, she took us to where she was so that Mom could be there when they gave her the shot. As soon as they gave it to her my mom started screaming, bawling and threw herself into the wall behind her until she hit the floor sobbing. It was the worse thing I had ever experienced with my mom, there was 4 or 5 people down there with us and everyone was crying, it was so heart wrenching to feel the love that my mom just lost when her baby was put to sleep. I will never forget it, love you mom. At least you are with her and all of your other fur babies, along with dad and my sister Pam and my brother Mike and your sister Barb and your brother Bob. Gosh in the past couple of years we have lost so many, all at once…. you must be busy now, and not at all alone.

As for me, I tried to go as small as possible, but he still has gotten bigger than we expected. Maxymus Poof Tackett, a Papitese (Papillon Maltese), he weighs 10 lbs, he is now 4 years old, a little stinker. He barks, licks, loves ice cream and being wherever I am. He is my dog, that we all know…. He has this habit of jumping up on me when we are all together talking, he wants me to pick him up so he can be in the conversation also, it is like, you guys are talking but I am not in the middle of it, so pick me up. He also likes to climb up on my shoulder and just hang out, I don’t have to hold him, he will just hang out. He knows when I am having a bad pain day, he will jump up on top of a chair or the bed so that I don’t have to bend over to pick him up, so considerate. We all love him but he is sure to let the guys know that I am his, unless I am the one who is making a fuss, he has a tendency to get in the middle of a play fight and go after the one who is being aggressive, no matter who it is.

Over the years I have had mostly larger dogs up until now. I was a big pit bull fan, they are very devoted dogs, but the best big dog I had was a Rottweiler, Luger, he was awesome, the best dog you could ask for, he was so awesome, but the poor guy was always sick, he had tick disease from his parents, was the only one that survived, only because we picked him up when he was 5 weeks old and took him straight to the vet. He was on antibiotics his whole life, we had his acl replaced and he always had a hot spot somewhere. He weighed about 120-140 lbs full grown. He was in puppy dog class when he was 6 week old, we didn’t tell anybody he wasn’t old enough to be there, they couldn’t tell because he out weighed every puppy there. He was so smart and such a great dog. He used to sit on the swing in front of the house with me, he would back up and sit down along side of me. He sat on the steps inside the house, we had a sunken living room and he would just hang out on the steps, or lay on one of the steps with a leg hanging over, casual like. He also slept in the bed with us, yes like another adult in the bed. When we got 2 adjustable beds the first time he jumped into the bed he went right to the floor in between the beds, I don’t think he ever forgave us for doing that, he had to pick a side to sleep on after that.

My brother and his family (3 boys) came to my house just about every weekend in the summer since I had a swimming pool and my brothers youngest boy was running around the pool, well Luger was running behind him, grabbing his butt, my sister-in-law was like, ‘Luger is trying to bite Corey”, well no, Luger was keeping the kid that was running around the pool from falling in…. smart dog, sister-in-law, well, never mind…..

Unfortunately Luger was sick all of his life and we had to put him down way before we wanted to lose him, heart failure…. when my husband put him to sleep, outside because I couldn’t watch, he made me come look at him before they took him to be cremated, Luger had a smile on his face…R.I.P. Luger……

Max is a great little dog though, since he may be the last dog that I have, unless I live to be an old fart who can’t move around or remember anything, he will just have to be the best that was saved for last… and while I am writing this he is laying between my legs with his head resting on my foot. He likes to wear clothes, do somersaults on the bed, and hang out with his momma, he patiently waits while I am in the bathroom, helps do the laundry, and sleeps right along side of me in the bed, my perfect little companion.

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