Did I mention that I love cars

Cars, oh my gosh, I love cars, fast cars, kind of like a roller coaster, the adrenaline rush when you feel the vehicle squat down and take off. When I was younger I wanted to go in the Air Force, I really thought about it, I was 20, had started going to college, married to a dumb ass, the first one….. should have gone in the Air Force and been a pilot, am I smart enough, yep, I could have done anything if I wasn’t smoking weed and getting drunk all the time. I should have refused that live but I didn’t or maybe couldn’t not sure which. But if I could do a “do over” man would my life have been so different than what it was….

Sorry back to the cars…. I can’t remember all of them right now or the year of them, my memory is so bad… so I may have to come back here and add to it later, but here are the cars that I owned, my ride, drove to work or school every day.

Honda Civic – white – 1976 – first car

Nissan 310 – Grey – 1983 – first new car I bought by myself, established credit with this one, made last payment on it and my x-husband totaled my car, grrr.

Honda Prelude – Burgundy

Chevy C10 long bed truck – Baby Blue

Dodge Omni – Baby Blue

Dodge Daytona – Black

Toyota Celica – Dark Blue

Toyota Camry – Baby Blue

Mazda 626 – Champagne

Jeep Cherokee – Green

Chrysler Sebring Convertible – White

Nissan 300 – blue, old car my husband at the time tried to satisfy my need for speed with this but we couldn’t keep it running

Pontiac Formula – loved this one, see blog about this one

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Red

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 – and the party started!! 420 hp, 420 ft/lbs torc-freakin fast!! AWD, this was the most awesome suv EVER!!!!! It was such a bummer though, my rotors kept getting messed up, I kept telling them that there was something wrong, we went through multiple rotor replacements, after the second set the dealership refused to pay for anymore. So my ex took this and traded in for a big 1 ton truck to haul his equipment on…. another story that I am not ready to talk about yet.

Mitsubishi Spyder – white with blue rag top, play toy

Honda Accord 2-door – dark grey

Honda Accord – light grey, bought this for no freakin reason, then got the Spyder

Ford Mustang GT, of course, convertible, of course, white, on white with white rag top, didn’t have this for long, x didn’t like it much

BMW M3- red, on red, black ragtop, sweeeetttt, except it was a piece of crap, too many times to the BMW place 50 miles from home. Did I mention it was a 6-speed standard? It was a lot of fun, except for when it was in the shop

Infiniti M – very nice car, the dealership that sold us the BMW said to pick a car and they would sell it to us for cost, and they did, had this car for about 18 months, traded it in on SRT8, they couldn’t find any stats on the Infinity since I bought it when it was first introduced, we just kept out mouths shut and they gave me more money than we paid for it…. ninny, ninny, ha ha

Mercedes E500 – Black – bought this when I divorced my last husband, the one I don’t want to talk about yet, when we divorced we had 5 vehicles, 3 were paid for, the 2 that weren’t were the big truck he bought using my SRT8’s equity to buy it and his Ford F-150 Harley Truck, he wanted everything so I ended up with a Ford minivan that his mom gave to me to drive, it worked great for moving but do you think single at 46 with no children is going to drive a minivan, come on give me a break…

Chrysler 300 C – red, with all the bells and whistles, awesome ride, hail damage, the whole damn car, took it to dealership got another one, same color S with a v6, blah blah, blah…

Chrysler 300 S -red v6

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Black

Dodge Charger R/T (special ordered, same as the cops have)- electric blue, now I am getting real sick, after surgery to fuse neck, couldn’t handle the speed and the car only knew how to haul ass…

What do I drive now – 2015 Toyota Highlander Platinum, which means it has heated/ac seats in the front and headed seats in the second row, they recline also, all of the safety features, lane departure, back up camera that shows you more than you can see if you can turn your head all the way around, blind spot lights on the mirrors. If I didn’t have this car now, I would not have been driving for the past year, that is how bad my neck is, in the doctors words I have 15% mobility then after PT for a month was able to get it to 25% mobility. From what I heard the judge at my hearing say, “can’t drive”, or shouldn’t drive, I rarely drive and when I do I don’t really like it that much….

I used to love to drive. Not so much anymore…

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