Pontiac Formula

This was an awesome car, I had the 1st oil changed on the Sebring at the local penzoil place, well they tightened the filter with a wrench so when the dealership did the 2nd oil change at 6000 miles they didn’t check to make sure that the rubber gasket came off so they hand tightened the new filter on over the other rubber gasket and when I hit the on ramp to get on the interstate the filter came off, all the oil was draining out and I blew the motor in the car. So they put a new motor, which had to be put in from the bottom so they had to remove everything and put the motor in and them put everything back on the car, you could not even keep the car on the road… so they paid off the new car and told me to pick out what I wanted. Well they had a Budweiser promo red formula that someone had won and didn’t want. Had 130 miles on it, yea I will take that one. $18,000. Perfect – took it straight to the speed shop, put the computer on it had changed the governor, set the car to optimum performance, different thermostat and K&N filter. Hot Rod – automatic that if you punched it was bark tires in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. You could be doing 50 and punch it and it would light the tires up. I had this car for over a year, even drove it across country from Arkansas to Nags Head, NC. We rarely got below 90 mph, cops didn’t bother us at all. Than I had a dumb ass kid in a firebird along side of me at a light, raining had just started so roads were slick, he was revving his engine along side of me, I was trying to avoid him, I looked over at the lady that I was taking to lunch for her birthday, and said “hold on Terri, I am going to get around the curve up here a little faster than normal, tighten you seatbelt and hold on”. She’s like ok. So at the light the road does a 90 degree turn to the left, you pass a convenient store, a lumber yard and then a road to some condos. I have an automatic high performance car, he has a 5-speed manual transmission small v-8. So I let my tires roll and then slowly push on the gas, the kid along side of me tries to pinch it to race with me and dumps the clutch, so by the time he restarts his car and tries to catch up to me he is all over the road going sideways. I am now at the lumber yard when he catches up to me. When I look over to see what Terri is going “oh my God” to the kids is sideways with the read of his car at my door. I slam on my brakes as he comes back around and keeps going straight into the road to the condos. My heart is pounding and Terri is in tears, both of us realize that we almost t-boned that kid. You have to understand this bright red formula is just a pretty car, but when you get along side of it you can hear the might sound of a performance motor rumbling. Top speed of the car, according to the computer that optimized its performance is 242 mph. My question was, how do you stop it, mechanic said they will never catch you….

Well after this my thought is I am going to get killed or kill someone in this car, this scared the shit out of me…so I called our car guy and said I need to sell this Formula, he said just come by and we will get you hooked up. Bought a Honda Accord 2 door coupe…..way too drastic of a change….

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