About me

Hi, my name is Kat, I am almost a senior, stepmother of a young man, wife of a Postmaster. I earned my college degrees at a local community college, Certificate in Word Processing, although I hated to type, then and especially now, dictation to be in my near future, Assiciates Degree in General Education, meaning I took a lot of general classes, that’s all, and Associates in Accounting.

I finished my associates degrees after working at a manufacturing plant, they were laying me off from an accounts payable job and the Controller, Millie Want, told me before I left, go back to school and take accounting, you have a knack for numbers.  Well, I did, although working full-time to support myself and going to college on student loans kept me from moving forward with my bachelors degree, many times I started down that road, and no attempt to get that degree ever happened.  That didn’t mean that I was unsuccessful in my career though, I was a success.

Now, I don’t work, at anything, researching my illnesses, trying to find a way to be out of pain and still mobile. Finding things to do that don’t take all of my energy away within a short period of time.  Something to keep my mind occupied and stop the strangeness of the diseases and the side effects of the medications from making me want to just curl up and …. well I can’t curl up, just the search for a pain free day…

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