#1 Concert Vertical Horizon/Sister Hazel Summer 2018

Outside concert at local amusement park. Beautiful weather tonight, about 78 degrees when we arrived at 6:00 pm light breeze, concert starts at 7:00. Enjoying the people watching while we wait. Well I say that, I think my hubby is sleeping. Hoping to see some friends tonight. I only get out to go shop once a week or so.

Funny how people want to compare their illnesses with you when they find out you have the unseen illnesses. She thought her sprained knee gave her a big push past my fusions until my husband said she has an Arachnoid Cyst sitting on her cerebellum created by a doctor putting a shot in her neck and missing. The doctors here won’t acknowledge it because then we would have a major lawsuit. She stopped talking then.

So some friends of ours texted that they were coming to the concert so there were 6 adults plus one teenager, no one smoked or drank that was with us. The first thirty minutes were ok, we discussed getting different chairs as ours were purchased when both of us were at least 100 lbs lighter, 😔. Then my neck started bothering me, ugh. So it was a stand up sit down putting my hands behind my next for the last hour. But all in all a good time by all. Just a few adjustments needed before the next one. And we also have portable fans as a side note. Before the summer is over it could be different but we will see.

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