So I get online to one of those “Ask the Doctor” sites and decided to ask them if my Neurosurgeon was correct in my diagnosis, rather spend $18 for some tid bit of information than have to drive 50 miles to another town to get a second opinion.

So here was my question:

I recently was diagnosed with posterior fossa arachnoid cyst centered on the left cerebellum. I was already on anti seizure medication. I was given another medication to stop the brain pains in the back of my head by Neurologist. Neurosurgeon said not to come back unless symptoms worsen or don’t goaway. Shouldn’t I have follow up MRI’s on my brain to make sure it isn’t growing? Cyst is1.3×4.4×2.27cm

So here is the first Neurosurgeon’s answer:

Arachnoisd cysts are usually only incidentally picked up and seldom cause any symptoms at all . Generally do not grow so most of the doctors adopt a conservative approach to manage it pharmacologically . Having already been on an anti seizure medication , this further minimizes the risk of you having any serious symptoms like a fit ,thats why your doctor was confident enough to send home with no further follow up scans either . That sounds reasonable too as in vast majority of the cases the cysts do not grow at all .

Hope it answers

And here was my blow up:

Unfortunately I don’t agree with this at all. I have been having severe headaches in the back of my head, walking sideways, into walls, equilibrium is messed up and although I am not seizing I have spells where I zone out for minutes, I get nauseous at the drop of a hat and my left arm and leg jerk uncontrollably. My left hand and arm go numb if I try to use them, as in trying to drive holding the steering wheel. This cyst was created by a neurologist who gave me a injection for pain, into my neck, without using the x-ray for guidance, the needle punctured my subarachnoid and dura area of brain leaving the fluid from the injection sitting in my arachnoid space below my cerebellum. Thousands upon thousand of people from all over the world are experiencing this problem from having injections that go awry. So I would need to just keep taking medications to hide the symptoms and hope that nothing ever happens. What do you think would happen if something hit me in the back of the head where this fluid is resting? What will happen when I have to stop taking my medications to have another surgery, will I start seizing when I stop taking the medications? We are talking about my cerebellum being pushed on my a fairly large amount of fluid, why would it be ok to never look at it again?

So here is the 1st doctor getting rid of me and then 2nd doctor

Dr. 1 Neurologist

Alright . I would opt out for another expert to help you on this . Please do not reply as it would lock it back to me.

Best regards

Dr 2 Neurologist

Hi Kat, I am an American Board Certified Neurologist with vast experience in diagnosing & treating all neurological as well as all other health/medical conditions; the previous expert has opted out and the company has made this question available for other experts too, and I am very glad to help you with your health concerns.

I am sorry to hear about your health in the form of the various health symptoms as you have described above on the background of having an arachnoid cyst, and I am also sorry for the delay in replying to you, please see this is being a 24 X 7 online service so different experts may log in to the site at different times, I just logged in to the site and saw your question has still not been answered and I am now replying to you immediately as soon as I have logged in to the site just now. Thank you for your waiting & patience.

Coming to the discussion of your health situation;

Yes, I fully concur with your health concerns, yes, a prompt attention towards this arachnoid cyst is certainly necessary now

Considering you have been having various very severe neurological symptoms and these symptoms can be ascribed to the arachnoid cyst too – so this certainly requires further evaluation and management

To start with – a follow up brain scan such as MRI scan of the brain needs to be arranged asap

We need to find out the current status of the arachnoid cyst with regard to the following issues;

Whether the size has further increased

Whether it is causing more pressure effect on the cerebellum

Is there any swelling of the brain

Whether this cyst is causing blockage to the CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) flow and causing conditions such as hydrocephalus (abnormally increased collection of CSF within the brain cavities called as ventricles) etc

The information such as the ones mentioned above gathered through a follow up mri scan can help in deciding the next treatment plan

Since you are having numerous neurological symptoms and are very severe too so a surgical evaluation need to be considered asap

There are varieties of surgical options that are available to resolve these kinds of cysts

If your current neurosurgeon is not helpful then please try to see another neurosurgeon

You certainly need a follow up mri scan of the brain and quick evaluation for a surgical management for preventing any future complications taking place, and even if the cyst has remained of the same size as before but in light of the numerous and very severe symptoms so a surgical evaluation is certainly necessary otherwise also.

Once again to your questions, please see, a follow up mri scan of the brain is certainly required now asap, and such follow up mri scan can help in assessing the current status of the cyst with regard to whether it has grown further, the pressure effects of the cyst on the cerebellum or other adjacent brain structure, whether the cyst is causing any complications such as lot of swelling of the brain or hydrocephalus etc and the mri scan can also help in making a decision for the optimal treatment for this cyst, surgical management etc, so a follow up mri scan of the brain & a thorough & quick neurosurgical evaluation are certainly required now, and I fully concur with you in this regard.

Wishing you the best health!

All the very best!

Ok so we are from one side of the spectrum to the other, how in the world can the same type doctor have 2 decisions that are totally opposite on an issue involving the brain!!!!

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