I still remember having a hard time, it was like I couldn’t keep a continuous thought, I have been doing this forever, stop…..

Senior accountant, jamming, everything is great. All of the sudden, pain….. neck surgery, stop… what is it I was trying to accomplish, oh yeah, another interruption, what, what is that noise, no, not right now, can it just wait until I get this done…. please get me an office with a door that shuts, stop….. “you know when life throws you a curve ball, sorry you are fired”…… 6 years gone…stop…..

Yes, thank you, this will be great, Controller over all three companies, awesome, can’t wait….. where has the time gone, it is 9 o’clock at night….. it is 11 o’clock at night….. drive 4 hours, work 12 hours, sleep 4 hours, work 16 hours, sleep 4 hours, work 16 hours, sleep 6 hours, work 6 hours, drive 4 hours, work 4 hours, sleep 6 hours, work 16 hours…. why am I going in circles, why is this wrong, what was I thinking……. business sold, stop!!! Packed in the back of my Jeep, drive 4 hours, drop off all of my work, cry….2 years gone…stop…..

Run my own office, slow down, yes please….move to bigger office, hire 3 people, end of year, tax season….corrections, training, hire more people, training, hire more people, training, end of year, tax season….going too fast, too many errors, I can’t do it, I did what, stop……. I can’t do this….stop….2 years gone…stop….

Easy, not a big deal, no problem, post payments, what, I am confused, what was I doing, why did I do that, are you sure it was me? Stop the headaches, pressure, pain and more pain….stop….. what is wrong, why can’t I do this….stop…….stop…stop. 9 months gone by…

Software consultant, I know this software, awesome, setup, sure, reconcile, sure, conversion, am I ready, 3 conversions, ok, 5 conversions, stop, I am getting behind, stop, not enough workable hours, stop, I am messing up, stop, stop….. 6 months gone….stop.

Time blowing away….stop….. before you realize what….stop…..pain engulfing….stop

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