Cerebral arachnoiditis

Cerebral arachnoiditis: Cerebral arachnoiditis affects the membrane surrounding the brain, and often causes intense headaches.

After reading article in Medical News Today, Arachnoiditis: Symptoms, diagnosis and outlook Last reviewed Fri 2 February 2018 By Zawn Villines, this is the type of arachnoiditis that I have. It was involuntarily put in between my brain and base of my neck while receiving a steroid shot for pain in my neck. I had already had a cage put around C4-C5 after my neck collapsed over the fusion that I had 5 years previously on C5-C7.

I have no curvature of my neck anymore, the swelling in my back, where it meets my neck, is extreme, as is the swelling in both my left and right ankles. My right side swells more than my left.

I walk with a shuffle, mostly to the left, like I am always drunk. I was having extreme brain pains in the back of my head until put on a medication that seems to be keeping them under control.

I get severe back pain if I do any lifting, pushing, pulling, no house cleaning, no putting up dishes where I have to bend over. If I do this I have extreme back spasms and have to medicate myself further, which makes it where I can do nothing other than sit in my recliner, with a heating pad, in pain…. I am talking about over the top 9-10 type pain….

So with that being said I don’t do any housework, I do very little laundry or dishes, I get to help cook meals for my husband and stepson, I used to be an awesome cook, now not so much….

Something frozen that gets thrown in boiling water or in the oven. Spaghetti or ravioli, ugh, we are so tired of eating the same old thing……. I used to love to cook, I taught my husband how to make lasagna rolls, a long process that I just cannot attempt to do anymore….

If we are lucky I can remember how to make something, what ingredients we need to have, our lives have changed so much, it just isn’t fair, and really sucks……not just for me, but for them too.

So now here we are, we know what I have, cerebral arachnoiditis, but what do we do about it??

More MRIs, watch and wait, physical therapy, tired of it, I can do the exercises at home for cheaper…surgery…no…..pain medications, more and more and more, I feel like a drug tester already….. nerve stimulation, ugh….. acupuncture… I don’t think my nerves can handle any more needles…. so what do I do…….

“Treating arachnoiditis can be difficult. The area around the spinal cord is delicate, and even minor damage can have severe consequences.

Surgery is possible but not always recommended. Surgery is not always effective and exposes the spine to potential further damage. Even when surgery is effective, the benefits are usually temporary.” Same article….

So here it is….in black and white folks……surgery is possible but not recommended…..

Whatever you do, do not get any more shots…..

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