Back to PT

This will be the 3rd time I have been to PT in the past year or so. If I could constantly have ultrasound massages on my neck and back I think I would be good. So here comes the pain and relief at the same time. At least I adore my PT. She is really sweet. We have even talked while I haven’t been at therapy.

Been to PT two times. The second time they put me on the hand bike. For 5 minutes forward and 5 minutes backwards. Did the forward, backward only lasted 3-1/2 minutes and I couldn’t hold my arms up, left shoulder killing me. The PT assistant gets all over my ass when I am not moving my neck up and down enough to her liking. She is moving her head all the way back and forward saying, “I have a fusion too and look at my mobility!!” I was like, I have 4, 5, 6 and 7 fused. My neck is not moving forward or backwards!!!! I told my husband and he reminds me that I have a “cage” around C4 and C5 and that I also have an Arachnoid Cyst sitting at the base of my neck and bottom of my skull so I am not going to ever gain full mobility.

So I get through that crap and I leave. Then my damn hip starts acting up again!!! Why, I just had a shot a few weeks ago!!! So now I am waiting for an appointment with Orthopedics so that I can be seen by the expert instead of my PCP.

They said to change from working on my neck to working on my hip at PT. I will see how easy that is to accomplish next week.


So I am going back to Physical Therapy for both neck and back. I love my PT, she really gets me. But at the same time she really pushes me to the extreme. I am really wishing Max didn’t decide to wake me up at the crack of dawn this morning. My alarm clock, or it is just his stomach telling him he wants a treat. I could have slept another 2-3 hours…