Concert #2 Summer 2018

Martina McBride

Here is a short exert of the concert. It wasn’t too unbearably hot today, although my irritation level was getting high for a while, people drunk, standing in the way, kids everywhere with their drunk parents, hope someone sober was driving them home….

I think the best part of the show was this guy who grabbed this sweet lady’s daughter that has down’s and danced a song with her. We saw them at the last concert, you could tell mom and daughter listen to a lot of music together and dance a lot…. so precious is life, and being happy is by far the most important thing we need to accomplish if nothing else.


American flag puzzle from postage stamps

After watching different series on TV for the last year, waiting on my disability, I decided to do some puzzles. My husband is a postmaster for 3 offices, so decided to do one for each of his offices….. 1000 piece puzzles, 20″ x 27″….. never mounted a puzzle before, first one, it kind of warped on me?!?! Hopefully I can straighten it out when I have a frame put on it…

Bad vs Worse Days

Bad days, when you say I am having a bad day, what does that really mean…..

So I am having a “Bad Day”……. Achy, no energy, don’t want to get out of my comfy clothes, don’t feel like taking a shower… you have to understand the energy it takes to wash my hair…..

And taking a shower, shaving my legs, it can be nothing short of a huge pain in the ass ordeal, so what to do, just do a short sponge bath, well crap that takes as much energy and more time than jumping in the shower. Believe me I don’t like being stinky and after everything is done I feel awesome, but exhausted, if that makes any sense.?.?.?

So, back to “bad day”. A day that your bones are a little achy, don’t feel like doing anything but getting on the heating pad on the recliner with Maxy…He is an ornery little stinker, but I love him, and he loves me except for when I am brushing him, getting briars out of his hair, you know, doing anything other than letting him sit with me and putting my hand on his back.

We sure love our little Papitese. He will be 5 years old in November, my how the time flies…

….a bad day is just a bad pain day, blah…..ready for it to be over with, but then here comes “worse than bad day”.

Fuck, excuse my language, but come on, really!!! I think walking over burning coals in bare feet would be less painful that this. I don’t know what everybody else’s version of “worse than bad day” is but I know what mine is like. My temples have a sharp point being stabbed at them, not inserted just putting pressure on them, then my ears start ringing, one side and then the other, back and forth throughout the day… those damn fusions in my neck are cracking every time I move my neck, like a grinding sound in my head… these are just the beginning, then we move from one part of the body to another, some parts stay in a dull, continuous pain, some on and off, my neck and back are continuously in a state of pain, somewhere between 7-8 on the 10 point scale, spiking to 10 way to frequently…. left shoulder, every time I put pressure on it cracks like crazy, yay Osteoarthritis, keep on taking over my body… hands, the joints of my fingers and the carpals in the wrist are like little fires exploding over and over. My hips get that stabbing burn pain in them, even the steroid shots aren’t doing anything for them now. My knees and ankles crack and pop with every move, is it because I am not using them, could be but that is part of the diseases, no energy, no strength and constant pain….

I hate what my hands are looking like. Puffy all the time, knuckles are getting nodules on them, grrrr. I can hardly grasp anything small anymore, no more needlework, no more jewelry making. My activities have changed, my life has changed, and it has only started, the new me, the tired fat lady, no energy, brain pains constantly disrupting my train of thought, forgetfulness a norm. All I want to do is lay around in my comfy clothes attached to my recliner and heating pad, what a life, please don’t feel sorry for me, or tell me I look tired, it only makes it worse for me.

And what is the deal with the swelling, I am swollen all over the place. My right ankle is always swollen, so is my neck, in the front and in the back. I hate being swollen, my body telling me there is something wrong while my doctor says it is fine….

All I can ask for is a day with no pain, just one would be nice, is that likely no, ever, no, just hoping that the day is just a little bit less painful than yesterday.

#1 Concert Vertical Horizon/Sister Hazel Summer 2018

Outside concert at local amusement park. Beautiful weather tonight, about 78 degrees when we arrived at 6:00 pm light breeze, concert starts at 7:00. Enjoying the people watching while we wait. Well I say that, I think my hubby is sleeping. Hoping to see some friends tonight. I only get out to go shop once a week or so.

Funny how people want to compare their illnesses with you when they find out you have the unseen illnesses. She thought her sprained knee gave her a big push past my fusions until my husband said she has an Arachnoid Cyst sitting on her cerebellum created by a doctor putting a shot in her neck and missing. The doctors here won’t acknowledge it because then we would have a major lawsuit. She stopped talking then.

So some friends of ours texted that they were coming to the concert so there were 6 adults plus one teenager, no one smoked or drank that was with us. The first thirty minutes were ok, we discussed getting different chairs as ours were purchased when both of us were at least 100 lbs lighter, 😔. Then my neck started bothering me, ugh. So it was a stand up sit down putting my hands behind my next for the last hour. But all in all a good time by all. Just a few adjustments needed before the next one. And we also have portable fans as a side note. Before the summer is over it could be different but we will see.

Did I mention that I love cars

Cars, oh my gosh, I love cars, fast cars, kind of like a roller coaster, the adrenaline rush when you feel the vehicle squat down and take off. When I was younger I wanted to go in the Air Force, I really thought about it, I was 20, had started going to college, married to a dumb ass, the first one….. should have gone in the Air Force and been a pilot, am I smart enough, yep, I could have done anything if I wasn’t smoking weed and getting drunk all the time. I should have refused that live but I didn’t or maybe couldn’t not sure which. But if I could do a “do over” man would my life have been so different than what it was….

Sorry back to the cars…. I can’t remember all of them right now or the year of them, my memory is so bad… so I may have to come back here and add to it later, but here are the cars that I owned, my ride, drove to work or school every day.

Honda Civic – white – 1976 – first car

Nissan 310 – Grey – 1983 – first new car I bought by myself, established credit with this one, made last payment on it and my x-husband totaled my car, grrr.

Honda Prelude – Burgundy

Chevy C10 long bed truck – Baby Blue

Dodge Omni – Baby Blue

Dodge Daytona – Black

Toyota Celica – Dark Blue

Toyota Camry – Baby Blue

Mazda 626 – Champagne

Jeep Cherokee – Green

Chrysler Sebring Convertible – White

Nissan 300 – blue, old car my husband at the time tried to satisfy my need for speed with this but we couldn’t keep it running

Pontiac Formula – loved this one, see blog about this one

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Red

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 – and the party started!! 420 hp, 420 ft/lbs torc-freakin fast!! AWD, this was the most awesome suv EVER!!!!! It was such a bummer though, my rotors kept getting messed up, I kept telling them that there was something wrong, we went through multiple rotor replacements, after the second set the dealership refused to pay for anymore. So my ex took this and traded in for a big 1 ton truck to haul his equipment on…. another story that I am not ready to talk about yet.

Mitsubishi Spyder – white with blue rag top, play toy

Honda Accord 2-door – dark grey

Honda Accord – light grey, bought this for no freakin reason, then got the Spyder

Ford Mustang GT, of course, convertible, of course, white, on white with white rag top, didn’t have this for long, x didn’t like it much

BMW M3- red, on red, black ragtop, sweeeetttt, except it was a piece of crap, too many times to the BMW place 50 miles from home. Did I mention it was a 6-speed standard? It was a lot of fun, except for when it was in the shop

Infiniti M – very nice car, the dealership that sold us the BMW said to pick a car and they would sell it to us for cost, and they did, had this car for about 18 months, traded it in on SRT8, they couldn’t find any stats on the Infinity since I bought it when it was first introduced, we just kept out mouths shut and they gave me more money than we paid for it…. ninny, ninny, ha ha

Mercedes E500 – Black – bought this when I divorced my last husband, the one I don’t want to talk about yet, when we divorced we had 5 vehicles, 3 were paid for, the 2 that weren’t were the big truck he bought using my SRT8’s equity to buy it and his Ford F-150 Harley Truck, he wanted everything so I ended up with a Ford minivan that his mom gave to me to drive, it worked great for moving but do you think single at 46 with no children is going to drive a minivan, come on give me a break…

Chrysler 300 C – red, with all the bells and whistles, awesome ride, hail damage, the whole damn car, took it to dealership got another one, same color S with a v6, blah blah, blah…

Chrysler 300 S -red v6

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Black

Dodge Charger R/T (special ordered, same as the cops have)- electric blue, now I am getting real sick, after surgery to fuse neck, couldn’t handle the speed and the car only knew how to haul ass…

What do I drive now – 2015 Toyota Highlander Platinum, which means it has heated/ac seats in the front and headed seats in the second row, they recline also, all of the safety features, lane departure, back up camera that shows you more than you can see if you can turn your head all the way around, blind spot lights on the mirrors. If I didn’t have this car now, I would not have been driving for the past year, that is how bad my neck is, in the doctors words I have 15% mobility then after PT for a month was able to get it to 25% mobility. From what I heard the judge at my hearing say, “can’t drive”, or shouldn’t drive, I rarely drive and when I do I don’t really like it that much….

I used to love to drive. Not so much anymore…

Pontiac Formula

This was an awesome car, I had the 1st oil changed on the Sebring at the local penzoil place, well they tightened the filter with a wrench so when the dealership did the 2nd oil change at 6000 miles they didn’t check to make sure that the rubber gasket came off so they hand tightened the new filter on over the other rubber gasket and when I hit the on ramp to get on the interstate the filter came off, all the oil was draining out and I blew the motor in the car. So they put a new motor, which had to be put in from the bottom so they had to remove everything and put the motor in and them put everything back on the car, you could not even keep the car on the road… so they paid off the new car and told me to pick out what I wanted. Well they had a Budweiser promo red formula that someone had won and didn’t want. Had 130 miles on it, yea I will take that one. $18,000. Perfect – took it straight to the speed shop, put the computer on it had changed the governor, set the car to optimum performance, different thermostat and K&N filter. Hot Rod – automatic that if you punched it was bark tires in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. You could be doing 50 and punch it and it would light the tires up. I had this car for over a year, even drove it across country from Arkansas to Nags Head, NC. We rarely got below 90 mph, cops didn’t bother us at all. Than I had a dumb ass kid in a firebird along side of me at a light, raining had just started so roads were slick, he was revving his engine along side of me, I was trying to avoid him, I looked over at the lady that I was taking to lunch for her birthday, and said “hold on Terri, I am going to get around the curve up here a little faster than normal, tighten you seatbelt and hold on”. She’s like ok. So at the light the road does a 90 degree turn to the left, you pass a convenient store, a lumber yard and then a road to some condos. I have an automatic high performance car, he has a 5-speed manual transmission small v-8. So I let my tires roll and then slowly push on the gas, the kid along side of me tries to pinch it to race with me and dumps the clutch, so by the time he restarts his car and tries to catch up to me he is all over the road going sideways. I am now at the lumber yard when he catches up to me. When I look over to see what Terri is going “oh my God” to the kids is sideways with the read of his car at my door. I slam on my brakes as he comes back around and keeps going straight into the road to the condos. My heart is pounding and Terri is in tears, both of us realize that we almost t-boned that kid. You have to understand this bright red formula is just a pretty car, but when you get along side of it you can hear the might sound of a performance motor rumbling. Top speed of the car, according to the computer that optimized its performance is 242 mph. My question was, how do you stop it, mechanic said they will never catch you….

Well after this my thought is I am going to get killed or kill someone in this car, this scared the shit out of me…so I called our car guy and said I need to sell this Formula, he said just come by and we will get you hooked up. Bought a Honda Accord 2 door coupe…..way too drastic of a change….

Salt Water Aquarium

So Valentines Day 2017 my husband says “you have always wanted one of these, how about it for Valentines Day?” I am thinking ok, cool, I can put it in my office, a small distraction for a busy lady, I worked from home, yes that it past tense, another story another time, so we go to the local pet store, not Petco, an independently owned, been there for 40 some years, aquarium store. We tell them we have never had one and would like to have a coral aquarium with a couple of fish. So we end up buying this tall aquarium, stand, live rock and instructions on how to get started, have to have water right, stable tank before you add anything to it. And I will have to say when the lights are off you can take a red light flash light and see the creepy things that come out of the live rocks, all kinds of bristle worms, bug type water creature, did this the other night and there was a worm about half the size in diameter as a pencil that I could only see the first 4″ of winding around the floor of the tank….eek!!!

Anyway, so we have the rocks in the water, tank setup done, chemicals look good, now what do we want to put in the tank? Me, I want fish, so we start with 2 clowns, one orange one black, my husband wants coral so we start buying, a never ending story, of baby corals that are started on a plug, you put the plug into a rack that is held by magnets on the side of the tank, until they are big enough to be moved onto a rock or on the floor of the tank.

Now I have to stop right here. Problem number 1 – we bought a tall tank, the fish dude did not say this will be a bitch for both of you to have because neither one of you is 6’8″ with arms that extend 6 feet. You have to be able to put you arm in the tank to the bottom and pick up, move or place something on the bottom. Well I am shrinking as it is at about 5’4″ and my husband is 5’10” so neither one of us can reach into the bottom of the tank.

So we start the hunt for fish tank gadgets, grabbers that are 3 feet long, tongs of some sort, something small to feed shrimp or krill to anemones. We have a bucket full of stuff now and nothing is perfect but we are getting by.

So here we are, tank with 2 fish and some rocks, about $600, now what….

Expensive hobby, did I say it costs a lot and there is no guarantee that anything you put in the tank will live…. so we start buying coral, a couple pieces here and there, still just my 2 fish, but nobody tells me that there are not many fish that you can have in a tank with corals, or fish that are aggressive and kill other fish, for sport! So many unknowns with this awesome hobby…..


This is a sponge, the blue green thing in the middle, doesn’t do anything but lay there, pretty in white and blue light



This is Superman, they are polyps, really pretty in the blue light, bright and vibrant, they just grow babies.



I don’t remember what this one was called, was meaning yes, we lost this coral in a power outage. Some are more fragile than others.



This is a feather duster, we had more than one of these, lost one in the power outage, the last one we had decided to come out of the protective covering and we couldn’t get him back in, dead, Poof, another one bites the dust!



The orange one, according to our nearby aquarium store, and yes we have found a few more, just have to do a road trip to get there, is a rare, rare, rare, rare, did I mention rare sponge. It is hard to see the rock that it is on but it has the shape of the cross on it, I think that was why I was so drawn to it, paid wayyyy to much for it for it to die on us. And the pretty green tips up on the top are another one that we lost. You will notice that most of the corals are green, or greenish color, in the blue lights they are more vibrant.


Ok so before I go any further I need to make a few comments. We had the tank up and running, had purchased many corals and was ready to enjoy this aquarium in my office when I was fired from my job. My health has been an issue since 2012, fibro, Osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, restless leg syndrome, carpal tunnel mild in left, moderate in right, IBS, CPS, obviously, so I knew I was having problems with memory retention, caught lots of mistakes and worked lots of hours overtime trying to keep up, little did I know how bad it was…. so now I am not working and my expensive hobby is not really as much fun as it used to be. But we still go to the fish store, we have 3 within 50 miles of home, dream, beg for discounts and take anything we can get for free.

So with that out of the way, we still have some of our original corals, our 2 clowns, my black one “retard” is twice the size as the orange one, my husband says I shouldn’t call it “retard” but it is a goofy fish, that eats out of my hand, tries to eat all the shrimp that I am trying to feed to anemones and dun-kin. Retard is a pig, but getting really big which is way cool.

So here are more pics, Kat’s aquarium Inside the Kat House


Small giveaway, lost this one in power outage


One of those really expensive, really rare kind that we paid too much for and it died in cold water that wasn’t circulating.


This is some green grass that we purchased in the beginning and it is still alive today!


White sand starfish. We bought this guy pretty early on. As time went on it started losing legs, not sure if someone was eating it or another problem. We gave it to someone else to enjoy before it died.


This is a Kenyon tree that moves around in the current. Lost this one too….


Crabby, we have had at least 5 of these, I honestly can’t tell you what happens to them but I can tell you that we keep replacing them.


This was a different feather duster. We only bought 2 before we decided that they weren’t “hardy enough” for us.


Small yellow tree, not with us anymore….


So this is a shelf that has numerous coral starters on it. The one in front is our dunkin. Today I believe there are 6 of them on this one stalk. It loves where it is.


Shelf showing everything on it.


These are the easiest ones to grow, very hardy and they come in different colors, same thing different color behind them.


These are sponges. They are pretty hardy and cool.


Here are some anemones. We were given this rock with these 2 on it by a guy at Petco. We thought they were pretty cool the first week, the second week we had 4 anemones, the week after that we had another one and we decided we better find a new home before our whole tank was full of them. One of the aquarium stores took them off of our hands glady, that baby making rock was a money maker for them, gave us a store credit and we were happy to let them go.


Six stripe wrasse




The coral behind retard has become the other clowns place to hang out. In the back is the green grass again, it has almost completely covered that rock now.



Nest for the orange clown, I don’t know why I haven’t named the orange one….have to think about that…


Pretty clam, dead clam….




Different angle


I was told that the black clowns grow faster and get bigger than any of the other colors.


Bristle worms


Supermen in blue light


Feeding dunkin



Trying to feed anemones…


I am a dog person, one of those people who has always had a dog, or at least one dog, except for, which is really weird, when I was divorced…. that doesn’t make any sense but true.

All of my life I have had at least one, started with Princess, a miniature schnauzer, she was the family dog and lived like forever, I think, but don’t catch me exaggerating, that she lived to be 17 or so. Could have been older than that, she was old, that much I do know. My mom started an attachment to bigger dogs when she started working for a local doctor who raised bouviers de Flanders, they were big and furry dogs, but they didn’t live long, one of them was bitten by a snake and never really healed up and while she was trying to nurse her back to health the other died of a stroke, so she lost them back to back. Mom was real big in the kennel club dog drill team, damn that took me through a lot of words before I could remember drill team….. anyway she loved doing this, prancing around with a very well behaved, expensive as hell, Doberman named Bibchen, who was later replaced with Bliss. Now Bliss was THE DOG. She was the poster dog for the nursing home circuit. She was the beginning of going to the nursing homes and being this beautiful big ass dog who did everything on command, in German of course, and I am not sure who was the prouder of the two, Mom or the dog, they trained each other well. She went to dog shows all over the southern region with Mom. They loved it!!

As I get older and am having a hard time remembering things, I do remember the hard ones. I had to take Mom to the vet when it was time to put Bliss to sleep. I think this was the worst time of my Mom’s long life, it was awful, to say the least. We had her at the vet, I can’t remember what happened but she got sick and the vet could not help her, she was up there in years and the vet said it was time, she was a big dobby and she was not going to get better, so we finally decided it was time and I went with Mom, they had her in a kennel in the downstairs (basement) at the vets office, she took us to where she was so that Mom could be there when they gave her the shot. As soon as they gave it to her my mom started screaming, bawling and threw herself into the wall behind her until she hit the floor sobbing. It was the worse thing I had ever experienced with my mom, there was 4 or 5 people down there with us and everyone was crying, it was so heart wrenching to feel the love that my mom just lost when her baby was put to sleep. I will never forget it, love you mom. At least you are with her and all of your other fur babies, along with dad and my sister Pam and my brother Mike and your sister Barb and your brother Bob. Gosh in the past couple of years we have lost so many, all at once…. you must be busy now, and not at all alone.

As for me, I tried to go as small as possible, but he still has gotten bigger than we expected. Maxymus Poof Tackett, a Papitese (Papillon Maltese), he weighs 10 lbs, he is now 4 years old, a little stinker. He barks, licks, loves ice cream and being wherever I am. He is my dog, that we all know…. He has this habit of jumping up on me when we are all together talking, he wants me to pick him up so he can be in the conversation also, it is like, you guys are talking but I am not in the middle of it, so pick me up. He also likes to climb up on my shoulder and just hang out, I don’t have to hold him, he will just hang out. He knows when I am having a bad pain day, he will jump up on top of a chair or the bed so that I don’t have to bend over to pick him up, so considerate. We all love him but he is sure to let the guys know that I am his, unless I am the one who is making a fuss, he has a tendency to get in the middle of a play fight and go after the one who is being aggressive, no matter who it is.

Over the years I have had mostly larger dogs up until now. I was a big pit bull fan, they are very devoted dogs, but the best big dog I had was a Rottweiler, Luger, he was awesome, the best dog you could ask for, he was so awesome, but the poor guy was always sick, he had tick disease from his parents, was the only one that survived, only because we picked him up when he was 5 weeks old and took him straight to the vet. He was on antibiotics his whole life, we had his acl replaced and he always had a hot spot somewhere. He weighed about 120-140 lbs full grown. He was in puppy dog class when he was 6 week old, we didn’t tell anybody he wasn’t old enough to be there, they couldn’t tell because he out weighed every puppy there. He was so smart and such a great dog. He used to sit on the swing in front of the house with me, he would back up and sit down along side of me. He sat on the steps inside the house, we had a sunken living room and he would just hang out on the steps, or lay on one of the steps with a leg hanging over, casual like. He also slept in the bed with us, yes like another adult in the bed. When we got 2 adjustable beds the first time he jumped into the bed he went right to the floor in between the beds, I don’t think he ever forgave us for doing that, he had to pick a side to sleep on after that.

My brother and his family (3 boys) came to my house just about every weekend in the summer since I had a swimming pool and my brothers youngest boy was running around the pool, well Luger was running behind him, grabbing his butt, my sister-in-law was like, ‘Luger is trying to bite Corey”, well no, Luger was keeping the kid that was running around the pool from falling in…. smart dog, sister-in-law, well, never mind…..

Unfortunately Luger was sick all of his life and we had to put him down way before we wanted to lose him, heart failure…. when my husband put him to sleep, outside because I couldn’t watch, he made me come look at him before they took him to be cremated, Luger had a smile on his face…R.I.P. Luger……

Max is a great little dog though, since he may be the last dog that I have, unless I live to be an old fart who can’t move around or remember anything, he will just have to be the best that was saved for last… and while I am writing this he is laying between my legs with his head resting on my foot. He likes to wear clothes, do somersaults on the bed, and hang out with his momma, he patiently waits while I am in the bathroom, helps do the laundry, and sleeps right along side of me in the bed, my perfect little companion.