Virginia March 29, 2018

So hard to get acclimated to a different climate. Seems like everything is swollen, stiff and I am also staying in a upstairs room so lots of stair climbing, which is a killer on the knees and hips.

I do love visiting with my family.  I am staying with my sister-in-law, she also has had an arachnoid cyst.  Hers was on the side of her head and about the size of a golf ball. We must have talked about hers for hours when I first arrived.  So helpful to be able to talk face-to-face with someone who has gone through the experience.  She had hers drained and a stent put in.  So weird how we can have something growing inside of our head and not know that it is there.

She said that there it is the same senareo here, they try to play down what it is. The neurologist is the only player, they are the ones that are going to watch the growth, decide on when to do follow up MRI’s and decide when something else has to be done.